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Furnace Components

Furnace Casing Pemfab began operations more than 30 years ago as a fabricator of custom steel furnace components. During the intervening decades, the company has honed its skills manufacturing a wide variety of components for every conceivable type and size of furnace.

From concept and design to engineering and production, Pemfab's experienced and innovative team will work with you to assure that every component meets your customer's need and specifications, exactly.

We also manufacture our own complete Heat Treating Equipment product line and offer spare parts for a well known equipment brand which was founded in 1878. If you have a piece of heat treating equipment that you need parts for, alloy for, burners for, venturi mixers for, zero governors for etc, give Pemberton Fabricators, Inc. a call.

Pemfab's 70,000 sq. ft. facility and state-of-the-art equipment can handle furnace fabrications of any size and complexity-including cylindrical furnaces up to 96 inches and zinc pot furnaces in excess of 80,000 lbs. capacity, shells, stanchions, back platforms, pollution bonnets, upper and lower cases, etc., of nearly any size.

In addition, Pemfab can provide custom refractory work, control panels and enclosures for heat treating, annealing, melting, forming, joining, carbonizing, nitriding and tempering furnaces utilizing either electric or fossil fuel energy sources.

Call the furnace specialists at Pemfab now to find out more about winning combination of price and performance - before you quote your next furnace installation. You and your furnace customers will be glad you did!